My name is Yehudi Villa Echevarría, I was born in Michoacán and grew up in the cities of Morelia, Mexicali, and in the port city of Mazatlán. As a child, I wanted to be a biologist because I found microscopic life fascinating, and I wanted to be a painter because I loved everything that had to do with colors. My first approach to fine arts occurred at the state museum in my hometown, and although I knew from a very young age that I wanted to dedicate myself to the arts, it was not until later that I discovered in illustration the synthesis of everything that made me curious.

I began my career as a painter, participating in several exhibitions in Michoacán, Jalisco and Mexico City. Then I worked as a cultural manager in different communities, which allowed me to hear amazing life stories. Afterwards, I undertook some travels, an experience that has led me to see my cultural background from other perspectives. Currently, I live and work in Berlin, where my exploration focuses on visual narrative and experimentation with different materials and tools. I am interested in taking images and stories from the reality around me, elaborating them with a personal visual language, and provoking fantasy to emerge. In my work, the recurring themes are the strange, the memorie and the relationship between life and death.

Besides collaborating in different projects as a freelance illustrator, I make illustrations with free themes. I love looking at pre-Columbian codices, doing experiments in my kitchen, observing urban landscapes, reading stories, and learning about microhistory.